Homaid Egyptian Bottarga – بطارخ بوري بلدي انتاج بورسعيد – (Dried Mullet Roe) 3.19 ~ 4.2 oz

Ingredients: Mullet Fish Eggs, Sea Salt Topping Suggestion: Pizza margarita Oysters Sushi Shakshuka with bottarga Clams Mixed grilled seafood sandwich Moroccan seafood bastilla Omelette with Bri cheese and bottarga Capris salad Asparagus salad Arugula and halumi cheese salad and octopus Octopus and mashed potato with garlic butter and truffles Hummus with olive oil and walnuts Lobster rolls Shrimp and bottarga rice paper rolled Shrimp tacos with bottarga Recipe: SCRAMBLED EGGS WITH BOTTARGA (ON TOAST) serves 2 Ingredients: Toasted sour dough br

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