Kohlrabi, Purple Vienna Seeds – 4 oz. / Organic

Purple Vienna Kohlrabi has dark green leaves with a beautiful purple stalk and bulb. The bulb has a mild tasting greenish- white flesh which can be eaten fresh or cooked. How to Grow Purple Vienna Kohlrabi Latin Name: Brassica oleracea Days to Maturity: 60 Hardiness Zone: 3- 12 Soil: Moist, rich, 50< degrees Temperature: Cooler Light Preference: Full sun Planting: Depth: 1/4" Plant Space: 6" Row Spacing: 18" Pests/disease: Aphids, maggots Seed Count: 1 oz.- Approximately 9,000 Seeds 4 oz.- Approximately 36,000 Seeds 1 lb.- Approximately 144,

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