Grilled Five-Spice Chicken

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  • This is one of my favourite chicken recipes. It is utterly delicious!

  • I loved this recipe- best grilled chicken I have made. I used chicken thighs and skinned them prior to grilling. Also, I don’t care for turmeric so I cut the amount in half and doubled the five spice powder. I did use the star anise and would highly recommend it. The charcoal grill gave it a nice smoky taste and it had a great complex flavor. I forgot to make the dipping sauce, so I just squeezed some lime and poured a little soy sauce over it- this definitely added another great layer of flavor. I meant to give it four forks- highly recommend!

  • the chicken has a lot flavor but I can not taste the five-spice powder at all I am disspointed about this. I tasted more turmeric. I will try find another recipe with more five-spice taste.

  • Fantastic, especially with the soy -lime dipping sauce. Used boneless-skinless chicken breasts. Marinated overnight in ziplock bag

  • I made this for my Labor Day weekend cookout as a culinary homage to my recent month long trip to Vietnam. The lovely complex combination of spices brought back wonderful memories of street food delights of my vacation. I prefer this recipe using dark meat pieces, as they seem to do a better job of retaining moisture and the flavors from the marinade. Highly recommend marinating chicken for 24 hours.
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  • Highly recommended. A
    great set of
    flavours I do not
    often explore in the
    kitchen. The soy
    lime dipping sauce
    brings great balance
    to the dish. I used
    thighs on the grill
    and they were very
    tasty and juicy. I
    would recommend a
    bright, crisp and
    dry style of
    Riesling to
    accompany. We had a
    lovely bottle from
    Alsace but,
    something from
    Niagara, the Finger
    Lakes, or South
    Australia (Clare
    Valley or Eden
    Valley) would pair
    nicely. Sauvignon
    Blanc (Sancerre,
    Marlborough) would
    work well, too. A
    crisp lager would
    also serve to
    balance the bright
    and spicy flavours.

  • so great! I was gonna skip the dipping sauce but decided to make it at the last minute and boy am I glad I did. The recipe is okay on own but I think the combination with the dipping sauce makes it exceptional.
    I used skinless breast chicken pounded thin.

  • Delicious! I used chicken breasts, boneless, skinless and broiled in the oven.

  • Just made this recipe again this
    week and forgot just how delicious
    it is. Have given it to all my
    friends as it is so easy. I just
    marinate chicken breasts, skin on,
    and they are the best. Also the soy-
    lime dipping sauce is great. I make
    an asian salad to go with the sauce
    and chicken.

  • I was a little
    skeptical about this
    chicken after making
    the marinade ahead
    of time and tasting
    it. I feared that
    the five spice and
    anise flavors were
    too strong. But,
    when prepared, this
    chicken is
    FANTASTIC. I served
    it to guests who
    all seemed to enjoy
    it, and several
    raved and wanted the
    The biggest test was
    my husband, who
    isn’t a huge fan of
    grilled chicken, but
    he couldn’t say
    enough about this
    dish and even opted
    for seconds of it
    over the ribs that
    were also served.
    The only change I
    made was using only
    thighs and
    drumsticks as I
    prefer them on the
    grill. I would not
    recommend marinating
    it any longer than 4
    hours as I’m betting
    the chicken skin
    would get flabby and
    fail to crisp. The
    dipping sauce is a

  • This is one of those
    go-to recipes for
    chicken (provided
    you have the time
    for marinating). We
    did so for almost 6
    hours – I bet it
    would have been even
    better if it were
    longer. I made my
    own 5-spice powder –
    never done that
    before so I wonder
    if it perhaps need a
    bit more “punch”. I
    was cautioned away
    from overdoing this
    The dipping sauce is
    GREAT – almost
    skipped it but it
    looked so tasty and
    easy that I decided
    to make it at the
    last second. My
    husband tends to
    grill the chicken
    longer than
    necessary so it was
    a welcome addition!
    Will def have this
    in regular rotation
    this summer, I’m

  • Marinated a whole
    cut up chicken for
    about 5-6 hours and
    it was completely
    Definitely worthy of
    serving to
    guests. We served it with
    some steamed chinese
    long beans. The
    adds flavor and
    some nice heat! Make this

  • 3.5 Stars
    Very simple to make and very tasty even tho I only marinated it for 2 hours or so.
    Instead of using a whole chicken, I used thin skinless/boneless chicken breasts for faster cook time.
    I grilled on my grill pan 4-5 minutes on each side and it came out perfectly! Moist and flavorful.
    Served with rice pilaf.
    Will make again.

  • I had some boneless chicken thighs that my wife bought. This recipe was perfect for them, with a small substitution of fish sauce instead of the sea salt. I skipped the star anise powder and still got raves.

  • okay, this was awesome. Just make it. I suggest grilling the chicken over indirect medium heat for 30 minutes, turning once. Slow, even. Also make the dipping sauce.

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