Keto Chocolate Smoothie recipes

This Keto Chocolate Smoothie is the perfect meal for those following a high-fat, low-carb diet. Made with 6 ingredients it’s a wonderful way to start your day if you have a busy morning. All you need to make this healthy smoothie recipe is coconut milk, protein powder, ground chia seeds, stevia, dark chocolate, and ice. It tastes like a classic chocolate milk shake, but it’s healthy and high-fat. Top your Keto Chocolate Smoothie with unsweetened Whipped Cream to add extra fat, and make it even more rich, creamy, and delicious.

If you like to start your day with warming foods, simply skip the final ingredient, ice, and you will have an incredibly rich and smooth keto chocolate pudding. Place this pudding in the refrigerator, and it will set up and become a keto chocolate mousse. This is a very versatile keto recipe!

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vitamix, combine coconut milk, protein powder, chia, and stevia

  • Blend in chocolate until smooth
  • Blend in ice cubes until mixture is well combined
  • Serve


I have provided the measurements for this recipe in both volume and weight. If you own a scale and want to be very precise you can weigh your ingredients. For those that don’t keep a scale in their kitchen I have provided measurements in volume. You will find that the ingredients for this Keto Chocolate Smoothie recipe can have equal measurements in volume, and yet differing amounts when measured in weight. This is because some ingredients are more dense, and therefore heavier than others. One other tip that may seem obvious to some? If you are going to weigh the coconut milk, do so after you remove it from the can.

Additional notes to help you whip up this fantastic Keto Chocolate Smoothie recipe! First, use a high-powered blender to make this, or you will not obtain the correct results. Using a regular blender will yield an odd lumpy concoction, rather than a smooth and creamy shake or pudding. Second, feel free to experiment with this recipe and try different types of protein powder and chocolate. I’ve only made it with the ingredients listed in the smoothie recipe above, so I don’t know how, or if, your substitutions will work.

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