Poseidon – Whole Bottarga – artisanal superfood – Kosher – Imported from France 3.52 – 4.58 oz

✅ Poseidon Bottarga di Muggine (Dried Grey Mullet Roe) ” Boutargue ” ✅ Highly rich in Omega 3, decreases anxiety and increases the aphrodisiac. ✅ Authentic Bottarga ” Boutargue ” Hand Made in Provence of France ✅ Slice thinly like salami (Must peel wax) on a toast or sandwich or grate it over pasta or salad or scrambled eggs, read the preparations in the descriptions below. ✅ Superior quality: Made from Prime wild-caught mullet roe Top Grade Poseidon Bottarga Ingredients: Wild Catch Mullet fish roe, Salt Topping Suggestion: Pizza margarita Oyst

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