Chocolate-Mint Cups

The cool and creamy combination of chocolate and mint is what keeps us unwrapping another Andes candy or sneaking just one more Thin Mint cookie. With this simple Frappuccino-inspired recipe, your coffee can be just as much of a treat—and still not too sweet. Use any type of milk or whipped cream, including nondairy options, for this recipe. Any way you blend it, this icy mint-chocolate whipped coffee will give you thrills and chills.

Casey Barber Headshot, September 2020



Nutrition Facts

Serving Size:

16 oz drink

Per Serving:

114 calories; fat 2.8g; cholesterol 12.9mg; sodium 51.9mg; carbohydrates 17g; dietary fiber 0.5g; protein 2.8g; sugars 13.5g; niacin equivalents 0.1mg; saturated fat 2.3g.

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