Mushroom Wraps with Spinach, Bell Peppers and Goat Cheese

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  • So exciting to see that my sister (who is an excellent cook) from South Africa has prepared and commented on this favorite recipe of mine too! I subbed 1 beefstake tomato in place of the cans of chopped tomatoes. Delicious and fresh. Might try an addition of a can of black beans next time.

  • I’ve made this a few times. I drain the tomatoes lightly, there’s plenty of juice still in them, this makes it so the mixture does thicken in 15-20 minutes. I also stir the spinach into the hot mixture at the end, just to wilt it. I add the extra fresh tomato if I have it, but have made them without too. I love the crisp raw bell peppers but I chop them for easier eating. This easily makes 8 burritos. I usually take half the filling and store for leftovers the next day.

  • This was a fantastic (and easy) recipe to follow! My wife and her friends loved it. Next time I am going to add some fried plantains to it and see how it comes out (not at their ripest state, but in the in between stage of medium & fully ripe).

  • I loved it! I put half in the freezer and kept the other half for my lunches for the week. Fun tip: after setting the fire alarm off trying to heat up the tortillas before filling them, I decided a better option was to heat the tortilla in the microwave for 30 seconds. I agree that it was too much filling so I ate the leftovers without a wrap or spinach, like a soup/stew and it was delicious! I would like to try sautéing the spinach and adding sun-dried tomatoes instead of fresh plum tomatoes.

  • This was a
    delicious, easy
    dinner. I cooked the
    spinach with the
    mushrooms and
    tomatoes and added
    avocado. The
    mixture was even
    better the next day
    for lunch.

  • Excellent and very easy. I’m a vegetarian and it is difficult to find such good veg recipes.

  • Awesome! The cheese
    really makes this
    dish. Even my
    boyfriend loved it!
    I halved the recipe
    and it was enough
    for 2 wraps each. I
    cooked down the
    liquid from the
    tomatoes 10 minutes
    longer than the
    recipe indicated,
    until the liquid was
    truly thick. I can
    see how cooking it
    down any less would
    result it a very wet
    and sloppy wrap. I
    also couldn’t find
    any “Mexican style”
    stewed tomatoes so I
    used “original
    recipe” and
    sprinkled in a
    little chili pepper.
    I did not find it
    necessary to heat my
    tortillas, they were
    already very
    Very quick and easy
    to make. All the
    components could be
    prepared ahead of
    time and assembled
    when needed. Very
    versatile: any
    variety of peppers
    or greens could be
    used. I don’t think
    I would use roasted
    peppers, however.
    The fresh bell
    peppers added nice
    crunch and texture.

  • I’ve been making
    this recipe for a
    few years, from the
    Epicurious site. I
    love these wraps!
    Sometimes I add a
    little brown sugar
    to the tomatoes,
    it’s a great
    compliment to their
    spice and the
    sharpness of the
    goat cheese.
    Otherwise, I don’t
    change a thing. I do use
    small tortillas,
    less filling for
    each, and then
    individually wrap
    them and freeze them
    for lunches. They
    taste great cold or

  • These were delicious. I
    substituted zucchini for
    the yellow peppers and
    added thinly sliced
    cucumber. I did not add
    the cilantro or plum
    tomatoes because I didn’t
    have them. I used a can of
    diced tomatoes instead of
    the Mexican stewed
    tomatoes, again because
    that is what I had on
    hand. The goat cheese
    really makes these
    unusual and rich so don’t
    substitute that. A big hit
    with my husband and his
    friend after several hours
    of surfing.

  • We really enjoyed these wraps. Of course made some changes – steamed the spinach and added to the filling at assembly time. Used red peppers, plentiful and cheap at this time of year, and grilled them. Wonderful with garden tomatoes!!

  • I have tried the recipe as is: but, I do not like the mushrooms sauteed with the Mexican style tomatoes…it seemed a bit too spicy, and was sloppy inside the wrap. Whenever I make this now, I prefer to grill some portabella mushrooms instead, slice them, and add them to the wrap along with some sweet oven roasted tomatoes. This blend of mushrooms and tomatoes, along with the creamy goat cheese, peppers and spinach is wonderful.

  • I have never been a mushroom lover, but dishes like this are changing my culinary attitued. I used feta cheese instead of goat cheese. As an added twist, I purchased tomato-basil tortillas. I suggest 12 inch tortillas to hold all of the filling.

  • Very tasty. Made them for a picnic, and they were perfect. Agree that there is too much filling. I ended up making 10 wraps from this recipe. Only used 1 can of tomato sauce and it was fine — not too dry.
    Loved the cilantro. Added flavor.

  • I really enjoyed this recipe. It was light yet filling. I also didn’t have any Cilantro but it was fine without it. Oh, and also didn’t use the Tomatoes, husband doesn’t like them too much! I also used Roasted Red Peppers instead of the yellow bell peppers and it was GREAT! Definitely recommend this one!


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