Valentine’s Day Recipe: Heart-Shaped Pizza

Are you looking to make something special for Valentine’s Day? How about a Heart-Shaped Pizza.  The ingredients for the Valentine’s Day Recipe: Heart-Shaped Pizza are listed below.

Ingredients (for 4 pizzas)
650 gm flour
350 ml water
20 gm salt
3 gm fresh yeast (cake or compressed)
100 gm crusted Italian tomatoes
50 gm cut Mozzarella cheese
50 gm mushroom
50 gm green bell pepper (cut into discs)
10 gm basil leaves for taste and garnishing
10gm black olives
10 gm capers
oregano seasoning to taste
Italian pizza sauce as per your taste
100 gm pepperoni. In case of a chicken pizza, use shredded chicken breasts (pre-blanched)
Sausages and salami strips.
A large paper heart shape (12 inch diameter)

The Valentine’s Day Recipe: Heart-Shaped Pizza ingredients and cooking instructions can be found through the link below. Enjoy.

Heart-Shaped Pizza Ingredients and cooking instructions


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